About NY Midwives (NYM)

NYM was formed in 2000 as the professional voice of Licensed Midwives in NYS. It is an affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives and its board is made of elected volunteers who are current members. NYM supports midwifery through its many committees and regional representatives. Add your knowledge and expertise to the advancement of midwifery by joining NYM!

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We seek to realize our mission and vision through the following actions:

  • Increasing the number of midwives from Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities to create a midwifery workforce that reflects the populations we care for through improved recruitment, addressing barriers in midwifery education, and appropriate mentorship
  • Furthering our profession through the promotion of all midwifery, including Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and Traditional Birth Attendants
  • Creating tangible resources to support midwives in critically engaging with the healthcare and educational systems in which we learn and work so that we have meaningful decision-making power
  • Providing resources to support midwives in upholding the bodily autonomy, personal sovereignty, human rights, and dignity of our clients
  • Improving consumer access to midwifery care so that there are true options for reproductive and sexual healthcare for all people regardless of race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, physical and mental ability, income/insurance status, geographic location, or any other social identity markers
  • Advocating for equitable compensation and reimbursement for the care that midwives provide
  • Advancing the midwifery model of care with its focus on respectful care, birth equity, and shared decision making as one that practitioners of all disciplines can employ
  • Promoting midwifery research, particularly with populations historically excluded from research and on practices rooted in traditional and ancestral knowledge
  • Lobbying for statewide legislative and regulatory changes that promote the objectives listed above
  • Collaboratively working with grassroots and community-based movements when determining our legislative priorities and engaging in campaigns and solidarity actions
  • Maintaining productive relationships with other healthcare providers, institutions, and organizations, as well as community, nonprofit and activist groups working to address racism and advance human rights to healthcare
  • Utilizing clear and open communication strategies where all members are heard and have an equitable seat at the table
  • Increasing membership engagement and satisfaction within our organization

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NY Midwives works hard throughout the year to advocate for midwives and midwifery. These efforts include our annual Advocacy Day in Albany, helping midwives with barriers to practice, and educating consumer and provider groups about midwifery.

Just like the American College of Nurse-Midwives, NYM’s advocacy efforts focus on improving the policy environment for the practice of midwifery. We also support efforts by consumers, employers, payers and providers to ensure that high-quality, high-value care is delivered to women and their babies.

Every year, NYSALM members, board members, and midwifery consumers and allies gather in Albany to lobby for causes related to midwifery and women’s health.  This event is organized by our Legislative Committee.  Watch this page for more information as Advocacy Day nears!

For information about what we’ve lobbied for in the past, check out our legislative history below and memoranda of support.

NYSALM releases memoranda of support for bills that further midwifery, women’s health, and reproductive health. 

2021-2022 Legislative Session:  

Making Motions to the Board

Is there something you wish could be accomplished on a statewide level that would benefit you, your colleagues, and birthing families in NYS? Put a motion on the floor to be considered and voted on by the Board! 

Think of a motion as a research question: what would you like to achieve? Then do a “literature search” to see if there is already a law or regulation that relates to this issue. NY State agencies all have websites that give their prescribed legal function. Your local state senator or assemblyperson has staff that may assist you in learning what already exists regarding your area of interest.

Be constructive about what you would like changed or amended. “I move that NYSALM create an ad hoc committee to consider…”, “I move that NYSALM include in its website information on…” Not every motion results in exciting new legislation, but we start by bringing ideas to the table.

If you are unable to attend the meetings, contact your NYSALM regional representative who will put your motion on the agenda for you. Even if you can’t meet with us, we still need your participation!
All members are also invited to join the Board meetings which take place at least four times per year; please see our calendar for exact dates, times, and locations.

Board Members

Helena Grant 10/2021-12/2022

Co-Vice Presidents
Sherrie Hunter Kelly & Cynthia Lynch 1/2021-12/2023

Whitney Hall 1/2021-12/2022

Danielle Assibu- Gilmore 1/2021-12/2023

Regional Representative
open seat

Member at Large
Deborah Mercer-Miller 1/2021-12/2021

At Large BILPOC Midwife
Patricia Loftman 2021-2024

Student Representative
open seat

Region Representatives

New York City
Odessa Fynn 9/2022-6/2023

Mid East New York
Jessica Allison 1/2020-12/2022

Northeast Region
open seat

Western New York
Claire Moynihan  1/2021-12/2023

Hudson Valley
Jessica Grant 1/2021-12/2023

Long Island
open seat


NYM’s committees allow us to accomplish a wide variety of functions.  We are always looking for new members, and you do not need to be a board member to join!  Please contact the chair listed on the committee’s page if you are interested in joining.

Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining NYM’s website, updating our social media, circulating information to members and legislators, and monitoring NYM’s phone and email.

Contact: Chair Cynthia Lynch [email protected]


The DEIB committee works to bring diversity in midwifery education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of midwifery in all of society.

Contact:  Helena Grant


The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining and examining the finances of NYSALM. The Committee works to determine budgets for committees, special projects, and the organization as a whole, as well as planning fundraising when necessary and long-term financial planning.

Contact: Please contact us if you are seeking the budget itself, the financial audit, or other documents not listed here.

Forms and Documents:


The IMPACT Committee works to promote awareness of NYS midwifery licensure, scope of practice, and education requirements among the NYS healthcare community to help midwives as they pursue employment, privileging, and credentialing. The primary focus of this committee is the education of midwives, midwifery employers, hospital staff and other relevant stakeholders.

Contact: Tahiti Starship [email protected]

Documents of Interest:

Insurance Committee works to facilitate midwives’ relations with insurance providers. This includes identifying a variety of barriers to reimbursement and working to overcome them. The Insurance Committee is also developing a database of New York insurance providers and their policies, midwifery participation, and reimbursement.

Contact: Beth at [email protected]


The Legislative Committee works closely with the NYM board to represent licensed midwives in state government. They also organize NYM’s annual Advocacy Day in Albany, when midwives and midwifery allies meet with legislators to lobby for (or against) bills relevant to midwifery and women’s health.

Contact: Co-Chairs Betsy Arnold-Leahy at [email protected] or Sherrie Hunter Kelly at [email protected]

Program Committee schedules and organizes events, meetings, education sessions and social gatherings for NYM. This includes the Annual Meeting, our annual dinner before Lobby Day, and special events.

Contact: Caitlin Legros [email protected]

Quality Assurance Committee works to improve midwifery practice.  The Home Birth Integration Initiative published guidelines for homebirth practice in 2015 and in 2020 published guidelines to improve transfers from community birth to hospital.

Contact: Kate Finn [email protected]


The Governance and Bylaws Committee (GAB) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of NYM’s bylaws. These bylaws are a set of rules that guide NYM’s operations and activities. GAB supports good governance by promoting the healthy functioning of NYM’s board and committees.

Contact: Susan Pantano [email protected]

The Student and New Midwives Committee (SANMC) is a space for students and new midwives to connect with each other to discuss issues that affect us, to collaborate, and to create a community. Our goal is to create a network for new midwives in NYS.

Contact: Ellie Miller – (917) 816-4498

NYSALM’s History

We incorporated in 2000 as a 501(c)6 professional membership organization with the mission of representing the interests and needs of midwives and the people they serve with a unified voice. Members of the Board serve as volunteers although the organization does employ a legal firm to represent us in the political arena in our state capitol.

Legislative History

NYSALM and its legislator supporters successfully introduced and passed the following bills which subsequently became law.

2003 : NYS Legislature passed a bill adding Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could order lab tests. A.11649 / S.7658 Ch. 524 of 2004

2007 : Physical Therapy bill added Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could order physical therapy evaluation and treatment.A.5515 / S.3490 (05-06)

2008 : A non-discrimination bill was passed that added Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could not be denied hospital privileges solely based on class of licensure. We lobbied for this bill for seven years before its successful passage. A.5505 / A.4019-A

2010 : The Midwifery Modernization Act (MMA) amended the midwifery licensing law which had been passed in 1992. The MMA removed the requirement that midwives have a written practice agreement with a physician or hospital, and instead required that midwives advise their patients of what arrangements were in place in case the woman needed care beyond the scope of practice of the midwife. A.8117-B / S.5007-A

2016 : The Midwifery Birth Center Bill will allow midwives to be the owners and clinical directors of birth centers and enable the Health Commissioner to make regulations specific to birth centers. A.09398/S.07121


Planning Board 1999
Incorporated March 30, 2000


Marian Seliquini, President 2021-2023
Sascha James Conterelli, President 2018-2020
Karen Jefferson, President 2015-2017
Pat Burkhardt, President 2011-2013; on Board 2010-2016
Laura Sheperis, President 2010-2011; on Board 2004-2011
Kristin Walsh, President 2008-2009; on Board 2004-2010
MaryAnne Laffin, President 2004-2007; on Board 1999-2008
Cecelia Stearns, President 2002-2003; on Board 1999-2004
Nancy Campau, President 1999-2001; on Board 1999-2003

Vice Presidents

Cynthia Lynch & Helena Grant 2021-2023
Kate Finn, 2018-2019
Susan Rannestad, 2011-2016
Susan Brockmann, 2009-2010
Rosemary Janofsky, 2003-2006
Ronnie Levine, 1999-2002


Whitney Hall 2021-2023
Nancy Kraus 2020
Palomi “Mimi” Niles 2017-2019
K. Michelle Doyle, 2015-2016
Alice Gilgoff, 2014-2015
Jennifer Seymour, 2012-2013
Jennifer Jagger, 2011-2012
Linda Balles, 2009-2010
Cheryl Della Sala, 2004-2008
Nancy Kraus, 2001-2003


Danielle Gilmore 2021-2023
Ashley Meccariello, 2018-2019
Pat Burkhardt, 2017-2018
Carol Bues, 2015-2016
Lily Dalke, 2013-2015
Nancy Kraus, 2009-2012
Beth Coleman, 2007-2008
Stacey Rees, 2004-2006
Beth Coleman,1999-2004

Board Members

Jessica Allison, Midstate, 2020-2022
Mary Borra, 2010-2011
Robin Brancato, 2007-2008
Stacy Brosnan, 1999-2000
Therese Brown-Mahoney, 2004-2005
Joan Bryson, NYC, 2012-2013
Carol Bues, NYC, 2021-2023
Sarah Cayer, 2011-2012
Julia Chachere, 2007
Connie Coker, Hudson Valley, 2001-2003; 2012-2014
Susanrachel Condon, Hudson Valley, 2011-2017
Lily Dalke, NYC, 2012-2015
Kathleen Dermady McMahon, Midstate, 2000-2008
Diana dos Santos Faustino, Hudson Valley, 2021
K. Michelle Doyle, Northeast, 2011-2017, 2021-2023
Tammy Farnham, 2004-2006
Kate Finn, Midstate, 2010-2015
Meredith Geers, 2011-2014
Susan Gerken, 1999-2000
Alice Gilgoff, Hudson Valley, 2008-2015
Helena Grant, NYC, 2020
Jocelyn Hart, 2007
Evette Hernandez-Lieber, 2014-2015
Danielle Irizarry, 2006-2007
Karen Jefferson, NYC, 2010-2015
Richard Jennings, NYC, 2001-2005
Mary Ellen Johnson, 2009-2014
Julia Lange Kessler, Hudson Valley, 2001-2003
Connie Kieltyka, Hudson Valley, 2012-2015
Allison Koch, 2007
Stacey Lamar, 2013-2015
Caitlin LeGros, Western, 2017-2020
Pat Loftman, At-large BIPOC midwife, 2021-2023
Robin MacIntyre, 2007-2012
Patti Mahoney, 2004-2008
Ellie Miller, Student Rep, 2021-2022
Claire Moynihan, Western, 2021-2023
Hilary Prager, 2006-2007
Frances Perez-Hernandez, 2009
Kathy Price, 2008-2009
Susan Rannestad, Hudson Valley, 2010-2016
Faith Reimers, 2005-2006
Marian Seliquini, Hudson Valley, 2018-2020
Dana Sidney, 2004-2005
Jenna Smith, 1999-2000
Kay Smolley, 2007
Andrea Sonenberg, 1999-2002
Audrey Stedford, NYC, 2020-2022
Elizabeth Sullivan, Long Island, 2019-2021
Catherine Tanksley, 2009
Helene Thompson-Scott, 1999-2002
Ann Visser, Long Island, 2012-2015
Louisa Walker, Long Island, 2003, 2005-2006