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Our vision is for New York Midwives to be an expansive, diverse, and anti-racist organization dedicated to fostering culturally humble, empowered, and safe healthcare that holistically fulfills every New Yorker. We restore midwifery’s integrity by returning to our ancient roots as protectors of sexual and reproductive health and birthing spaces and to our place as frontline healthcare workers who come from and are embedded within the communities we serve. Our commitment is to offer healing through our care so that each person may carry and transmute their worth and power to all aspects of their lives. 

Our Mission

Our focus is to combat the root causes of racialized health disparities and inequities, thereby reducing New York State’s perinatal morbidity and mortality rates. New York Midwives acknowledges and seeks to dismantle its role in midwifery’s history of white supremacy and racist exclusion described fully in the American College of Nurse-Midwives truth and reconciliation statement. We strive to amplify historically excluded voices in our education programs, workplaces, and care spaces throughout the state and transform laws, regulations and structures that do not promote human rights and individual wellbeing. As a body of midwives, we are committed to self and collective growth to facilitate care experiences where people and communities feel heard and understood.

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Joining the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives is important for all midwives so we can increase access and choice for the families we care for in the state.

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