Congratulations to the first Doctors of Midwifery!

In August of 2019, New York midwives Karen Jefferson, Betsy Arnold-Leahy, and Susanrachel Condon
graduated from the Doctorate in Midwifery program at the Midwifery Institute of Jefferson University in
Philadelphia. They were 3 of 8 in the inaugural cohort of midwives earning this new degree. The cohort
consisted of 2 CMs, 2 CPMs, and 4 CNMs from around the country. Karen’s doctoral research was
centered around examining the advocacy capacity of ACNM affiliates working toward legislation to license
CMs in their states. Betsy’s project examined midwives’ abdominal palpation skills in assessing for
occiput posterior positioning. Susanrachel’s research was on the impact of obstetric violence, and
midwives’ contribution to respectful maternity care through consent processes and collaborative, clinical
decision making.

Susanrachel Condon, Karen Jefferson & Betsy Arnold-Leahy


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