Comment Period Open for NY Paid Family Leave Act

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office has released the proposed regulations for New York State’s Paid Family Leave Act, which he signed into law last year.  The public comment period runs through April 10th. When in full effect, New York State will have the best Paid Family Leave Law in the nation.  The roll-out begins in January 2018 when a worker can receive 8 weeks off at 50% pay.  When the law takes full effect, workers will be entitled to 12 weeks off at 2/3 salary. Either parent may request a leave, and a leave may also be used to care for an ailing relative. Midwives will play a role in educating prenatal clients about the law.  It is hoped that a result of the law will be increased opportunity to establish longer breastfeeding. The Dept. of Health has posters and pocket cards in several languages ready for distribution once the public’s comments are evaluated. If you would like to join the New York Paid Leave Coalition, contact

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