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#signA259aS1414a – Help Pass New York’s Birth Center Bill

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We need Governor Hochul to sign the midwifery-led birth center bill!

We need your support in asking Governor Kathy Hochul to pass the midwifery birth center bill (A.259a/S.1414a) to expand access to birth setting options for New York’s families! This critical legislation has already passed unanimously through the New York State legislature.

Midwifery birth centers provide high-value, evidence-based, patient-centered care that has been proven to result in positive health outcomes, cost savings, and health equity. Midwifery birth centers are essential to advancing birth equity in New York State.

However, the current DOH process for midwifery birth centers is the main barrier to opening and operating birth centers. In fact, no midwifery birth centers have been able to be licensed in New York State, leaving families without the care options they deserve.

Adopting the guidelines from a nationally recognized accrediting organization, like the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, will protect and serve childbearing families in New York. National birth center accreditation is evidence-based, efficient, tailored to birth centers, and is the gold standard of any state’s birth center licensure process. This bill will make sure this gold standard is applied in New York State, as well.

We need your voice to urge Governor Hochul’s action. It is past time for this cost-effective, safe option to be available to the women, birthing people, and families in New York State.

Contact Governor Hochul with one click: 

Calendar of Events 

Monday 11/29 @ 7:30pm     NYM Student and New Midwife Committee meeting: all are welcome to participate: the topic will be birth centers!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 5573 5728

Passcode: 704936

Tuesday 11/30 @ 7:00 pm
Teach-in on Birth Center Bill: all are welcome  

ZOOM LINK to register:

Wednesday 12/1
Instagram Live 5pm with Myla Flores @birthingplacebx and Neelu Shruti @lovechildyoga 

Thursday 12/2
Call in Day Of ACTION!- Sign up to call the governor’s office, participate in the tweet storm and social media push.

Call Governor Hochul at 518-474-8390

Phone Script:

Hi, I’m a New York State resident from _____, and I’m calling to request Governor Hochul’s action to sign A..259a/S1414a into law, as this bill has already passed unanimously through the state legislature. This legislation will allow for licensing midwifery birth centers using the gold standard of accreditation The Governor’s support is necessary in addressing maternal health and birth equity across New York State. 

Social Media: Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram at Governor Hochul @GovKathyHochul

Advocacy 101:  Every tweet needs to tag the governor @govKathyHochul and use the same hashtag #signA259aS1414a 

This will allow the governor’s staff to see all our tweets.  And it will allow all of us to search the hashtag and retweet everyone else’s tweets.  This you should start doing every day to amplify our message.  In this manner, every person’s tweet is worth way more than just a single ping on the Governor’s radar!

Here are some tweet suggestions below or you can create your own by tagging @GovKathyHochul and using hashtag #signA259a1414a:

It’s time to #signA259aS1414a into law! @GovKathyHochul, looking forward to your signature on this critical bill that will open #Midwifery #BirthCenters with the gold standard of national accreditation. #NYS birthing families need this bill NOW! #Midwifery #BirthEquity #DoulaTwitter #NYC

It’s time to #signA259aS1414a into law! @GovKathyHochul, can we count on your signature to open #midwifery #BirthCenters in #NYS? This bill has already passed unanimously thru NYS legislature and now needs your action to expand birth setting options for NYS families! @dickgottfried @nysenatorrivera

Looking forward to @GovKathyHochul to #signA259aS1414a into law! This bill will use national accreditation to create midwifery-led birth centers in NY. Our birthing families need your action NOW! #WeDeserveBirthCenters

Excited for @GovKathyHochul to #signA259aS1414a to increase access to midwifery-led birth centers by using national accreditation #BirthCenter guidelines for CON. NYS birthing families need this legislation NOW! #NY #MidwiferyBirthCentersNow

Hashtag Suggestions: #signA259aS1414a #NYMidwiferyBirthCenters #birthbetterNY, #NYMidwives, #obgyntwitter, #birthcenter #birthequity #MidwifeTwittter #nursetwitter #doulatwitter #reproductivejustice #midwivessavelives #healthcare #NY # NYC

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Email Governor Hochul at

Dear Governor Hochul,

As a New York State resident, I am writing to urge you to sign the midwifery birth center bill (A.259a/S.1414a) into law immediately as a much needed step to addressing perinatal health in our state. This bipartisan bill has already passed unanimously through the NYS legislature, and awaits your signature. We cannot let this year end without significant action to create access to critical midwifery-led birth centers for NYS families.

Our state is facing a maternal health crisis, with unacceptable racial disparities in maternal health and maternity care deserts that leave many rural areas with no maternity care providers. Midwifery birth centers are an essential option that can help address the problems that our mothers, birthing people, and families face in accessing high-value, quality, person-centered care.

However, the current regulatory process is burdensome to these small, community-centered facilities. Due to these barriers to opening and operating birth centers, New York State currently has no midwifery birth centers, leaving families without the care options they need and deserve.

The midwifery birth center bill (A.259a/S.1414a) will simplify state licensure for midwifery-led birth centers, by licensing birth centers through a nationally recognized accrediting organization, like the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC), a rigorous process that is indicative of meeting industry-specific and appropriate safety requirements. 

I urge you to build on your commitment to reproductive choice and health equity by signing the Midwifery Birth Center bill into law TODAY. Legislative action for midwifery birth centers reflects the will of the people, having already passed through the legislature twice. Your action is critical to ensuring that all birthing families in NYS have the safe birth setting options they deserve, bringing us one step closer to birth equity.

Thank you for your consideration and action.

Or you can also send a postcard or letter to the Governor’s office:

The Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York State 
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224


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In order for the embedded link to work, use this PDF. Access the PNG file here.

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